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Wetin Jesus Dey Do Lyrics

I go praise you today, you are so good daddy mo. Every day of my life, I thank you o, you do well eeh. You called me, you changed my life o. U saved me, u delivered me. U set me free now you dey bless me o


This na wetin Jesus dey do e too much o 6 times

Verse 2

I dey hail you papa, u are so kind, I love you ooh. U are the love of my life, eshe o, modukpe eeh. U butter my bread, you sugar my tea. U covered my shame, daddy u took away my pain, you set me free, now you dey bless me o



I’ll never be ashamed to give you all the praise

I’ll never be afraid what the enemy can do. U are the alpha and Omega, my provider and my lover, I am that I am, Jehovah jireh, the beginning and the ending eeh… oooooh … imela eeh…oyoma, imela eeh, oyoma. Imela eeh.. oyoma


This na wetin Jesus dey do, every day, e too much o. 6x