I’m tired of being who I’m not
Feels like I’ve given it a shot
It leaves me empty and afraid
When I step onto a stage
Being who I’m not
I pack my suitcase till it bursts
Overflowing with my skirts
The soles are coming off my shoes
So many miles left to get through
Being who I’m not
These lies, they pull me till I break
And numb me to the pain
Like I’m sleeping
Like my life is caught up in the wind
Confused and questioning
Who I really am, again
I hardly ever understand
How I fit and who I am
These days are long but years are short
What did my life look like before
When I wasn’t who I’m not
You call me in
You know my name
Assure me that
It doesn’t have to be this way
That I’m enough
Don’t have to run
I’m okay; I’m okay
You call my name
Say I can change
Secure me now
I don’t have to live afraid
You lead me to
A quiet stream
There I rest; there I rest