Uuuuuh uuuuhh!
If you won’t go with me Lord, pls don’t send mee!
Even if you give me a million Angels pls don’t leave me!
Becos i see… your hands in every thing i do!
I see … your hands in the sun that shines
I see… your hands in the air i breath but
And i need your face… Jesus
I need your Presence …yes my Lord
I need your face …
Becos that’s all i neeeeeeeed x3
I dont wanna be a prophet i just wanna talk with you Lord!
I am tired of being a pastor i just wanna know you
I don’t wanna be a Christian but to be a child of God!
For you to be my Closest friend
That’s all i need i dont wanna be a millionaire but to share in the riches of your Glory
I don’t wanna be a superstar but the light of your glory shine on mee