See I’m gonna speed that light
I’m gonna let Him shine
I’m gonna be that light
Till they all know Christ till they all life
So every time that they hand the mic
I wanna flip the words up like I’m wanna white
I got my hands up that’s how I stand and fight
the darkest night now can never stop a candlelight
shine bright in what I plan to write
make it tight so you understand aight
and I’m amazed how you make us right
gave us the bread of life and we can take a bite
so when I write about what he’s done
I wanna strike like bazookas not a cap gun
So you can know all the facts run
Down to him you can find out what he has done
We got a world blind sick dumb
And I’m a bang it in ya heads like a kick drum
he paid the price that’s the big sum
so keep shining till the jobs done one..
Can’t move or look away but you wave high
Still gotta look passed glares and the grey skies
Why look back or wallow in the past
And wither, and why bother when it all goes fast
So quick like a crook in the night
Just like a leaf in the mighty wind, this life don’t last
So we gotta speed the light, no contrast
And can’t just walk passed, the crippled and downcast
The streets are calling and the sky is bleak
And the earth is steady caving even while I speak
Still we lie and we cheat, hide and we seek
Trying to find a bit of peace
While most are dying to eat
Grinding to find a feast, we’re undermining the weak
So we gotta get involved and stop striving to beat
One another, like it’s even a game
That we’re dreaming up
We gotta spread light, then speed it up