There’s a story in the Bible, um
Jesus, and my husband likes to call it
“Jesus Want It” was on his tour
He was going from city to city
Causing uproars, doing miracles, signs, and wonders
And the Bible speaks of Jesus stopping by the home of Martha
To rest, and um
Martha opens the door, she sees that it’s Jesus
The Bible says that she retreats the kitchen
She begins to start cooking
She begins to start working
Because Jesus was in the room
It’s a little twist to the story because
Martha’s sister, Mary was also
At Martha’s home
And she chose to do something different
She saw that Jesus entered the room
And instead of going to work
She chose to sit at His feet
And to hinge on every word that He spoke
And we begin to write, um, for royalty
We sat in the room
Just begin to have conversation
And in that conversation, we started to ask ourselves
“I wonder what Mary was feeling?”
“I wonder what was on Mary’s mind
As she sat at the feet of Jesus”
“I wonder what her perspective would be
If she were to share her heart
As to why she chose not to work, but instead to worship”
And these words came to us