When on the cross of Calvary
The Lord was crucified
The mob stood ’round about Him
And they mocked Him until He died

And there were two thieves
Hanging there beside Him
Just to share the agony
But one of them
Cried out to Him
Oh! Lord remember me

Verse 2:

Oh! What a shame to kill Him
Out there on that old rugged cross
But such a death was needed
Just to rescue all of us that was lost

Oh! His blood is made a ransom
Just to set the captives free
I know that I’m included
And I know God will remember me


Oh! Will the Lord remember me
When I am called to go 
When I have crossed death’s chilly sea
Will He His love there show

Oh, yes! He heard my feeble cries
From bondage set me FREE!
And when I reach the pearly gates
I know He will remember me