I’m just a simple man, who makes plenty mistakes
Even turned the ones who loved me away, yeah
But you never judge me, and you love me for who I am, yeah
Your love came and it changed my life, and its making me a better man, hey

Nothing compares, to what we have
It’s amazing, yeah
That you never gave up on me
So therefore, I’m living for you

For all you do, I’m gonna live for you
I’m living for you, (Nobody but) you, (yeah)
(Through the thick and thin, uhhuh)
Thick and thin, the thin
Still you win
I’m living for you, you
Why you love me so much, It’s something I can’t explain
Should’ve been lost your trust, because I’ve caused you so much pain
I heard you loud and clear, (I hear you)
When you spoke to me, (ohwa ohh)
You took my drive to my destiny


Break Down:
I surrender to your love
And it’s you I must please, Since you’ve done so much for me, yeah
Said that I could never repay
That you never gave up on me, I promise I’m living for you