God, takes real good care of me! Every day is good as I can see!
I serve him with gladness, I have no regrets, for he walks beside me-
Why should I worry? Why should I fret?
Faith to strengthen every day- his guiding light, each step along the way-
His goodness and his mercy every day is mine- and I can call on Jesus, any time-
See, God takes good care of me!
Gaithers: God takes good care of me…
Jake: Every morning, noon, and night- he’s a taking good care of me-
And I’ll praise his name…
Gaithers: Throughout eternity…
Jake: Eternity- He solves every problem that I ever met- so I’m gonna trust him –
I ain’t a gonna worry and I ain’t a gonna fret!!
Gaithers: God…
Jake: My wonderful friend, keeps a watchin over me!
Through trouble and care, He’ll take care of me!
I know there’s lots of problems in this world today-
But he’s never been too busy, to hear me when I pray!
You see- God takes good care of me!!
Gaithers: …care of me
Jake and all: God takes good care of me!