All I had was Jesus and the family

They said I had the wrong religion
Then they said I made the wrong decision
I came this far still I”m on a mission
Still I stand behind the bars kind of like I gone to prison
I’m got a vision now listen my savior gone an risen
My God is still up on the throne when you wanna diss him
The old me is dead and gone I ain’t gonna miss him
My goal had to subtract just like its long division
They still think I’m kind of odd
Part time rapper I’m a full time man of God
You see the rock that that I’m standing on
All you ever see is the green like it’s camouflage
I got a team and we standing strong
One hand to you the other hand to God
Been through it all I ain’t planned to fall
Plus he guides my every move like the dude in avatar

All I had was Jesus and the family
Y’all ain’t understand me I ain’t had a plan b

They say that God is in the details
I say that God has taken 3 nails
Paid it all up on the cross when he prevailed
When the devil had locked now but he failed
What you see here I’m just an eye witness
So I’m running back to him like the line of scrimmage
You can’t tell me now now that I’m finished
But you miss the bars kind of like a blind gymnast
Blind gymnast man you can’t see
I rock it tighter than your pants be
So if I’m silent and I can’t speak
God be speaking all up in my ears like a hands free
You can slam me ban me
All I ever got is this never had a plan b
I ain’t got no limit to his plans b
All I ever had now was Jesus and the family

All I got in this life is my squad and the mic
That I use to speak into the darkness when I call on the light
I got the Holy Spirit my Heavenly Father and Christ
That I serve with all of my might and I follow despite
The persecution is promised they say his callings are plight
But in my past I wasn’t scared of a brawl or a fight
Why would that change now that God has been right
There beside me fighting my battles demons fall in the sight of my King
He stands taller than godzilla stands so I’m safe I feel like ann in King Kong’s gorilla hand
Who lied to satan and told him that there is still a chance
It is written only the army of God will advance
A plan B would just be man made
So I’m banking on plan A you know I can’t sway
In the face of death I’ll worship with my hands raised
I will give it all for Jesus and my family