There’s a new wave of glory
Moving through the nations
There’s a new wave of glory
Touching all of creation
I see the glory
Breaking limitations
Bringing liberation
O The Glory
I see the glory
Bring illumination
Giving elevation
O The Glory

When The Spirit of God
Comes upon you
People go see superpower
No more crying
No more dying
No more weeping
No more witchy power
Them bow to the power

Before The Almighty
Every knee must bow down
If they wanna fighty
Them go hear the Pow Pow
Glory overdose o
Na em be the koko
Everybody come o
Get The Jesus logo ogo

O what a happy day
A day of joy
The glory wave
Come let’s rejoice
The Glory of The Lord is here now
To prosper you now
And give you power
A new wave of glory

O let The Glory of The Lord come
Let The Will of God be done
Holy Spirit make a move now
Holy Spirit move now now
Change my story change my life
Take the glory in my life
You are Holy, holy holy
Glory glory, holy holy