The bible tells a story of the children of Israel
For seven days they marched around the wall
Silent, he he yeah
And on the seventh day
There was an instruction for them to shout
And at the roar of their shout
The wall came tumbling down
I’m talking to some people
You’ve been on mute, you’ve been silent
You’ve been holding your peace, you’ve been quiet
But I came to declare to you prophetically
That God has given you instruction to open up your mouth
And shout until the walls come down
I dare you right where you are
To lift up your voice like a trumpet
And begin to shout until demons start crawling
I dare you to open up your mouth
And begin to shout until walls start fallin’
Somebody shout
I don’t know if you got a neighbor where you are
But if you do look at your neighbor
And tell him release the sound
I know it sounds like a cliché
But release means to let something go
If you’ve been holding on to your sound
If you’ve been keeping your sound back and this season
Has caused you to shut up your praise
I command you to release the sound
Let’s go