Adam fell

The fruit fell to the ground

The curse swept in

The earth cried out

“What have you done?”

What is this we know?

Oh, so many things

We were better off not knowing before


Then they hid

“Where are you?” called the Lord

“Why do you hide?

You have never hidden from me before.

Oh, my son,

Is there sin in your heart?”

With tears in her eyes, Eve said:

“Eden has been lost to us.”


Through the ages

billions of stories unfold

The years are a sigh

Knowing good and evil both

Oh, what have we done?

As we wander the land of the lost

Our hearts cry out,

“Deliver us!”


But the fall, it came with a promise for us

There is One who will come and the serpent He’ll crush

Oh, lift up your eyes to the beams of a cross

In the blood of the Lamb, stained garments are washed





All the voices

Of the people of the Lord

Through the ages they tell

Of His mercy and His love

Oh, look what He’s done!

He’s bought our very lives

The gift is for free

Sing the Spirit and the Bride


Song Title: Gospel Ballad

Composer: Wendy K Stahl

Source: Kingdom Child