Oooh, by His name, victory is mine!
I wept all night but here I’m trading my sorrows for joy
Your name’s a tower strong I run to and there I am safe
There’s a brighter day I’m certain everything will ok
Because my God I know will make a way
I am a conquerer, conquerer, conquerer!
He who the Son sets free, is free indeed
The battle is won
I am conquerer, conquerer, conquerer
With Christ my Savior, my Jesus
Victory’s mine
I’m taking back all the enemy’s stolen
If God be for me, who then can stand against me?
I’m bolder, stronger, I am a solder
Yahweh has conquered death and the grave
So here I am, to claim my inheritance
Your death upon the Cross, Your death upon the Cross was the price that you paid for my (freedom)
Over and over again, in your name I have the victory (oh victory)
I lift up my eyes (to the Cross), and sing Hallelujah to the Lamb (for the Cross)
I lift my hands and sing Hallelujah!
BRIDGE II:(Freedom is mine) I’ll fly on eagles’ wings,
Victory is mine, I can do all he says I can
Freedom is mine, I’ll fly on eagles’ wings,
Victory is mine
I am a conquerer…
A conquerer (I’m a conquerer, conquerer,
I am!)
Transpose to
And repeat
I’m a conquerer, conquerer, I am!